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Kick Ass Ignition

Helping Your Start-up Set the World On Fire

Your Pathway

KAI is a learning centre driven by your membership to the community. Every month we have a world class specialist present an in-depth lecture on their area of expertise to help fast-track your start-up.

From Intellectual Property, legal protection, product development, you can avoid the all-too-common pitfalls that put a hard stop on so many start-ups before they get going. It’s like having the most capable Board of Directors imaginable, without fees, and without diluting your equity.

Need Some Clarity?

Reach out to us and ask one of our support crew any questions you might have,  and what the best option might be for you right now.

Meet the KAI Partners

There are a million self-promoting ‘thought-leaders’ that are telling you that they can help you grown your business. Only a handful a telling the truth. You want to know that you can trust the founders of KAI. The best predictor of future behaviour is past behaviour, and the founders of KAI have helped literally hundreds of tech start-ups grow.

“It’s immediately obvious that the KAI team are entrepreneurs themselves. They get it. They’ve experienced the problems themselves, and helped other start-ups face, approach, and solve them all.”   – Thomas K. Bryant, CTO

Most people start their business in blissful ognorance, and make it up as they go, hoping that that if they build it, success will follow. Hope is a bad strategy.

Instead, with KAI you can access key insights and assets that will increase the likelihood of success exponentially.

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