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Helping Your Start-up Set the World On Fire

Get Your Start-up Moving!

Where are you on your journey? From idea stage to champing at the bit for scale, KAI has you covered.



Access to our FB Group where you can network with peers and progress through the baseline solutions for tech start-ups. It’s vital to set your trajectory correctly & early.



Complete guidence and collaboration through the development of your SaaS or tech services business. Avoid the pitfalls and optimise the outcomes from your efforts.



Our invite-only program for those taking their business to the next phase of growth. We help you find and prepare and manage explosive growth intelligently.

Need Some Clarity?

Reach out to KAI and speak with one of the crew to talk about where you are on your journey, and what the best option might be for you right now.

Meet the KAI Team

There are a million self-promoting ‘thought-leaders’ that are telling you that they can help you grown your business. Only a handful a telling the truth. You want to know that you can trust the founders of KAI. The best predictor of future behaviour is past behaviour, and the founders of KAI have helped literally hundreds of tech start-ups grow.

This is a testimonial from someone telling the world how awesome we are. How we helped them, and how they were failing previously.

Most people start their business with their strategy is to make it up as they go, and hope that that if they build it, success will follow. Hope is a bad strategy. Instead, with KAI you can access key assets that will increase the likelihood of success exponentially.

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