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Set the Right Direction for your Start-up

There are proven frameworks to give your start-up the best chance at success. We know them. We built them. And we can help you apply them.


It’s Impossible To Be Across Everything

Why would anyone expect you to be able to build a product or service, and then master finances, legal, sales, marketing, support, and everyting else too?

Can we Actually Help You?

Our Founders and panel of regular Contributors provide an unparalleled basis upon which to build your start-up. Need to know more; just message us!

The Usual Path

100-hour weeks with zero space in your calendar.

  1. Trying to find time to write an ebook
  2. Now to building a funnel – whatever that is
  3. Launching a sweet website
  4. Gearing up your social media
  5. Getting to grips with compliance and legal requirements
  6. Building your financials and operation processes
  7. Oh – and you absolutely simply must record a webinar
  8. Now on to content marketing – which I think just means spamming LinkedIn?
  9. Time to start running ads across social media. How much??
  10. OK – now to make sure you hire the right people
  11. Now it’s it’s for starting your podcast!
  12. And more blogging.. and…



There is a better way. With KAI, our Pathfinder program delivers a proven sequence for tech start-ups that help you take your idea to reality.

Everyone has an idea. But it’s really about
executing the idea
and attracting other people to help you work on the idea.

– Jack Dorrsey, CEO of Twitter

Sick of Mindless Grinding?

We get it. Imagine being able to just follow a set of steps towards getting your foundations right. That’s what Pathfinder is all about – making sure you’re ready to launch optimally and sooner.

The Pathfinder Alternative


Regular Bootcamps

We have connections with some of the most capable entrepreneurs and advisors on the planet. They take the time to provide insights and shortcuts that’ll help move your start-up towards success faster and with less blood, sweat and tears.

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Community Support

You get on-going access to our Pathfinder Community – a place where the KAI Partners will help weigh in to help you get your start-up firing, and where you can bounce ideas around with people on the same journey you’re on right now.


Q&A Sessions

Imagine having access to your own advisory board before you even really launch. YOu can aks questions to the KAI Partners – experts in their fields – or even the more domain-specific questions to our resident Contributors, and get the answers you need.


Detailed Assessment

As you start to wrap-up the Pathfinder Program, the KAI team will help you assess any last gaps, and how to bridge them. You’ll then be in the right position to move to the next stage with your start-up and really get moving towards scale-up.

Introducing The Founders


With four startups in the last eight years, including one awarded Fastest Growing Company Asia-Pacific (the Business Excellence Awards) and another growing into a 55+ person company in under two years, Ariya thrives on materializing ideas into real and sustainable businesses.


KB is the Founder & CEO of KBI, a MarComms agency that specialises in helping technology companies grow their footprint. KBI also has a growing media arm which consists of a podcast built to connect with C-level executives, and  a dedicated streaming channel covering cyber tech.


Cam has started several successful businesses, and assisted many more early on in their journey. Several of the businesses he’s founded have been explictly to help start-ups grow by leveraging digital tools to facilitate automation for sales & marketing and talent attraction & acquisition.

Our Regular Contributors



Serial Entrepreneur

Helps passionate and driven tech founders achieve their dreams. Nick shifted his focus to working with inspirational individuals.



Venture Capital

Internationally experienced Info Security Executive by day, and a cybersecurity Venture Partner by night.



Lateral Problem Solver

Discovers how pieces fit together far more comprehensively, consistently, and cost-effectively than the status quo. 

Imagine having this
proven expertise
on your team; your Board of Directors on-demand from the outset.

Upcoming Events

Intellectual Property
Venture Capital

Venture Capital

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How It All Ties Together

Depending on what point your at, and what your requirements are, you’ll join others that are tackling the same challenges you are that very moment.


Your Node

You’ll be placed in a peer group of like-minded entrepreneurs that are at the same stage start-up, phase, and given specific and actionable support.

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Your Support

Our team provides the intellectual property that builds processes and outcomes, and helps keep each module on track.


Your Network

By bringing together people across all stages of the start-up journey, you can make priceless connections.

How To Build a Start-up That’ll Succeed

Focus On Your Offering

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Without knowing your product is going to solve a real problem, your lifetime is very limited. How do you judge that? How, at 3:00AM do you get to sleep knowing you’re on to somehting? That it will work out and you’re efforts won’t be in vain?

Make Sure You're Efficient

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Even the best idea in the world can fall apart before it becomes real. It’s vital that you don’t waste energy – it’s the lifeblood of any start-up. KAI helps you improve your effectiveness by identifying where and how to best exert effort to maximise your results.

Ensure You Can Scale

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If you’re eventually expecting astronomic growth, you need to be prepared. Once you’ve put in all the work to build something special, even it its wanted by the market, it can still flop because you weren’t ready to grow in the right way.

Time To Public Launch

The Pathfinder Program

We’ve broken down the elements of success into actionable steps.


Define Your Solution

Understanding the problem and the solution you’re bringing to solve it is paramount. Get it right. 


Defining Your Go To Market

How do you announce yourself to the world and begin to connect with your prespects?


Get The Right Foundations

It’s vital to get your base right as early as possible. If your start-up is on shaky ground, it will collapse.


Start Getting Efficient

It doesn’t matter how good your idea is. If you’re wasting energy and resources, your start-up is like to fail.


Build Your Team

Not many have built anything successful by themselves. Knowing hot to build your team is pivotal.

What You Get At Launch

  1. Regular live webinars with experts in each field
  2. Full access to the KAI community
  3. Addition to a specialised peer support group
  4. Access to a library of assets
  5. Ongoing Support from our Team

Our Next Phase

After our pilot launch, our early adoptors will get: 


  1. Unrestricted access to our own native application on iOS or Android
  2. Access to a library of presentation decks built over decades of effort
  3. Online Summits focused on dedicated aspects of the start-up journey
  4. The option to move on to our Ignite Program once you’re ready

Our Promise. Your Guarantee

If you realise you no longer want the Pathfinder Program at any time from sign-up up to 31 days after first time you have access, we’ll happily give you a full refund.

No questions asked!

As an FYI, we are yet to have a single person ask for a refund, but if we ever do, we’d rather ensure they’re at least happy with the refund policy if not our Program!